Even in our times, where all places on earth seem to be explored and visited, Ukok is a place really hard to get to. The only road, a mountain pass at 3000 meters, is famous for its unreliability, unpredictable weather and difficult passage. But if we are lucky and Ukok allows us, we will see, hear, sense things that are hard to describe. Here is how a shaman from Far East, Alexander Redko, described Ukok: “I haven’t been to the Moon yet but I think that my first impressions there and here would not be different. A lifeless, dismal, boundless surface of dark, crashed rock and sand, stretching into the horizon in sad, wavy lines… biting wind twisting dusty tornadoes, one after the other. The sun is in the zenith but the impression is that of a solar eclipse, the light is not reflected from objects and there are no shadows. This place was not made for people ...” 

Why then we travel to Ukok? Ukok is a Natural Place full of Meaning, here we are free to connect to this meaning the way we want. Doing this in a place like Ukok is easy because the place is pristine, it is the way it was created, all of its features: wind, stones, water, plants, animals, are untouched. Huntergatherers and pastoralists that live here are easy on nature, they live off the land, are satisfied by what is given to them and do not invent ways to extract more. Moreover, they put their healers and prominent men in burial grounds of Ukok to propagate the energy of this sacred place. They are part of the delicate balance of nature, what there is, was and will be.