Ten-day Caucasus trip combining hiking in Khosrov Nature Reserve in Armenia Borjomi Kharagauli National Park in Georgia. Hiker’s paradises, Khosrov and Borjomi offer immense richness of scenery with sparkling rivers, turquoise green valleys and silent woods. We start to hike in Khosrov, a vast forest with diverse flora and fauna, many rare and endangered species including Caucasian leopard, Armenian mouflon, bezoar goat and black vulture. Rich historical heritage is another reason why we chose this area. Next you travel to Borjomi, the history of the park starts in 1871. Russian Emperor Alexander II gave the territory to his brother, Michael Romanov, who decided to protect the area banning hunting here. This is how during centuries of turbulent history, these protected lands were preserved and became the bases for creation of the first national parks in the Caucasus.