High country of Kyrgyzstan is virtually a land of mountains. You will travel among powerful mountains covered by eternal snow and alpine meadows with flower carpets, impetuous mountain rivers with foaming waterfalls and steppes smelling sagebrush, turquoise lakes and some of the largest glaciers on earth. Kyrgyzstan an excellent place to escape from bustling traffic, urban life and crowds. Travelling through rural areas is a perfect feast for the eyes, surreal aqua-blue skies and fluffy white clouds with distinct shadows cast upon the barren hills and snow-capped glaciers on one day and pastoral pictures of hordes of sheep grazing on the lush green mountains on another ... Being home to many nationalities and their distinct cultures and cuisines makes Kyrgyzstan an ideal place to explore the rich cultural patchwork and pamper your taste. Between exploring the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan and tasting the food of its peoples in an authentic setting is a treat for every faithful epicurean. 

You will experience nomadic life, take part in a tea party in a yurt, taste Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian food in cities and best dishes of Uygurs and Dungans in cozy candle-lit yurts. Memorable visits to majestic Issyk Kul Lake with its ever-changing waters and Cholpon Ata, a stone garden with rock paintings dating back the 8th century AD will complete this journey of discovery at the Land of Tien Shan, Celestial Mountains