Take this once-in-a-lifetime journey to check what the incredible Siberian winter is about. Healthy dose of adrenaline, frosty and desperately sunny winter, seemingly endless horizons of Lake Baikal and ice of Baikal, legendary and unique.

 Baikal ice is not only a natural amusement, it is also a great way to spend days driving on ice shields of the frozen lake, exploring grottos and capes with huge icicles inaccessible at other times. Driving on the ice of Baikal is a nontrivial experience as it is difficult to avoid the feeling that you and the abyss of half a thousand meters are divided only by a meter of ice. However, locals know the right routes, rescuers inspect them for ice thickness, cover cracks, clear snow and put signs restricting speed limits. 

Another feature of Baikal winter we could not miss is hot mineral springs. “Five minutes of hell and you're in paradise”, a Siberian joke that describes the situation best. Five minutes of hell is the way from the locker room to the springs covered by a huge cloud of steam. Then enjoying a steaming bath with a great open view to the snow-covered peaks of Hamar Daban Mountains with a radical difference between the temperature of water and air: +48C and -30C, an experience that very well fits Baikal, a place of superlatives and extremes.