A mountain is the sky covered in stone and snow. These words of Yuri Vizbor, a Soviet bard are the best description for Belukha. 

Standing in the center of Eurasia, equidistant from four oceans, Belukha is a sacred mountain for locals, the navel of the world. Belukha is the birthplace of Ob River and the highest point of Siberia and Russia. But the highest mountain of Siberia has another, higher dimension. From ancient times, Altai shamans considered Belukha a sacred mountain, entrance to Shambhala, a mythical kingdom that one cannot see without a special, spiritual vision. For them Belukha is the energy canal between earth and heaven, Abode of Gods and Spirits. Nicholas Roerich, a prominent Russian painter, writer and enlightener was very interested in Belukha as the northernmost point of Central Asian mountain kingdom and one of the important corridors which peoples traversed in their migration from the heart of Asia to the plans of Siberia and further to Europe. 

Locals never come close to their sacred mountain, their reverential attitude holds that only people with humble heart and pure thoughts can dare to approach Belukha. And it is true that not everyone can climb Belukha, the mountain often does not let people in. So we better look into our heart and thoughts and ask for her blessing in the cedar temple where we are on our own with Archangel Mikhail, the Protector. 

“I had no thoughts, the only thing I heard was my own breath and the crack of snow”, one of the travelers tells us about her ascent of Belukha. Climbing Belukha is a fantastic experience and if you do reach the peak, you may understand the mysterious words of Tibetan lama, “When you reach the peak, continue climbing up”.