The historical Pamir Highway, officially the M41, running 1,252 kilometers between Osh and Dushanbe and traversing Pamir Mountains, is one of the world’s most famous routes for the adventurous traveler. Pamir Highway lies mostly in Tajikistan, the highland country of Central Asia. Though it is called "highway" there is not much highway about it, at least in the modern understanding. Instead, it used to be a prominent road or a "highway" across ages. Trading caravans would pass this road on their way from China to the Blue Ocean and the center of young Europe. Now the shape it is in is an excellent challenge for a 4x4 adventure traveler. 

Enjoy the stunning scenery of Pamir Highway on your jeep tour. A challenging road that is a true test of your 4WD vehicle and your stamina - the road abounds in twists and turns with wheels sometimes hanging above the precipice. Experience the breathtaking human face of Tajikistan with a Pamiiri shepherd playing his pipe just for you by a mountain creek and constellations of the night-skies as your entertainment.