Located in the heart of Eurasia are the vast lands of Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world. A boundless expanse of peaks, fertile and virtually unknown valleys populated only by flocks of sheep and shepherds on horseback, wild fruit forests and more than 2000 sublime mountain lakes make Kazakhstan a country of dramatic beauty. 88 powerful ridges of the great Tien Shan mountain system, Celestial Mountains, go from the West to the East of the country. They fully justify their name as most of the mountains lead their summits over the snow line, to the sky. The most famous are the legendary Khan Tengri, the Lord of Spirits and the sinister Khan Too, Bloody Mountain. 

On this mountain bike tour in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan we take you off the grid and into the heart of Tien Shan. To start dreaming of your trip, just imagine high, straight arrows of pines piercing the sky, emerald green of the meadows and boundless fields of edelweiss playing with sunlight and fresh breeze at the sunset. Going higher up, we see the scene change totally with rocks, severe and cold, dominating everything. But even here the life of the mountains is full: tiny brooks murmur, ground squirrels whistle and that tiny voice reflects from the mountain massive in a deep echo. 

We will start our bike trip in the Turgen river gorge and the landscape will quickly change from pine trees to open rolling grasslands. Everyday we'll bike up dirt roads to the top of passes, have adrenalin-inducing downhill and then camp next to rushing rivers as we weave our way to Karkara Valley. The adventure will end with the climb to the top of Mingtur Pass at 3900m and Chon Ashy Pass at 3820m and descent into Kyrgyzstan. This is a tough off road mountain biking tour as not only is the biking challenging but we are riding at high altitudes and in extreme weather conditions. This all makes for a true adventure for those looking for a unique biking experience in a spectacular high mountain setting.