If you are active and like to be one with nature, go trekking in Svaneti. Surrounded by 4 of Europe's 10 highest peaks, Svaneti is a land of dramatic beauty. The main peaks of the Caucasus and its largest glaciers covering up to 300 square km are situated here. Upper Svaneti, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a mythical place dotted by medieval villages and evocative tower-houses. First mentioned by Greek geographer Strabo, Svans were the gatekeepers of the Caucasus fighting Assyrians, Macedonians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks and Mongols, fierce warriors with a war banner in the form of Lemi, Lion.

On this tour, you will trek to the foot of Svaneti's signature peak, Mount Ushba and explore the glaciated slopes of Mount Tetnuldi and Mount Shkhara. You will trek to traditional villages of Mulakhi, Adishi and Khalde and explore the very unusual Svan houses, used both as dwellings and defense posts against the invaders who plagued the region. You will experience the life of Svans, listen to their elaborate polyphonic singing and witness age-old pagan traditions still persisting in every day life. At the end of the tour, a chance to visit the village fortress of Ushguli, the highest inhabited point in Europe and the summer retreat of legendary Queen Tamar, the leader of Georgian Golden Age.