Rising to the top of a mountain we sometimes feel that we are the great conquerors of the mountains. Of course we are the conquerors but … we come and go and the mountains are here forever. Man cannot conquer a mountain but on each ascent he can conquer a piece of his own fears and weaknesses. Being on a mountain gives a sense of freedom, standing on the peak of a steep cliff or in the crater, we are like eagles soaring in the sky and looking at the world from above. And from above the world seems so different. From the height of the mountains we do not see fussy problems of everyday life, buzzing cars. We see only mountains and gorges, lakes buried in the clouds, mysterious dragon tones standing at the sources of pristine mountain springs, nature as it was created on the first day. 

Armenia, one of Europe's beautiful mountainous countries and this 10-day trekking tour promises a veritable kaleidoscope of great nature, adventure, culture and history. We traverse the fantastically wild landscapes of Geghama Mountains with volcanic lakes, dragon stones and camps of nomadic people, embark on an adventurous trek through the stunningly beautiful Khosrov Nature park, then ascend Mount Aragats, the highest peak of the Lesser Caucasus.