A land of stunning beauty, Pamir-Alai Mountain Range is a paradise for adventure seekers with more than a hundred peaks exceeding 5000 metres above sea level, glaciers, lakes and unexplored valleys. This fascinating trek takes you to the little-explored, glacier-dotted mountains of Central Asia stretching hundreds of kilometers from Takla Makan desert in the east to Kyzylkum in the west and from Tien Shan Mountains in the north to Hindu Kush in the south. 

Our trekking route lies in the north-western part of Pamir, a mysterious, majestic and inhospitable land with breathtaking sheer peaks and vertical 2000 meter high walls looming over green valleys, glacier-fed rivers rushing between jagged, never-climbed mountains, justly having the reputation of the most spectacular mountain scenery of Eurasia. The giant walls and towers rival the rock scenery of Patagonia in South America. 

This trek is ideal for those keen to explore this great wilderness, enjoy savor the bottomless silence and energy of the mountains, be a respectful guest in this wild land where everything is simple and harsh and finally meet the hosts, hospitable Kyrgyz who live in their mountain camps, untouched by civilization.