“I was standing at the tiny isthmus above the icy abyss and my heart was open to the supernatural beauty all around me, the world was at my feet and I was at the Roof of the World.” 

“When you trek in Pamir, the path leads you to the Sun. With each meter overcome you are getting closer to the Sun”. For a long time Lenin peak was hidden from people. The second highest peak of Pamir, Lenin Peak, is at an inaccessible place surrounded by empty rocky plateaus, with only moss and lifeless grass growing here. Calm and deceptively peaceful is Pamir and Lenin Peak is considered the easiest 7000 m summit. Is that so? If you have decided to climb Lenin Peak, you will check that. 

But for those of you who want a breathtaking and tough trek, we offer trekking to Lenin Peak. A virtual ocean of blue mountains, a network of deep valleys among 7000-meter peaks, plateaus cut though by gorges of rushing mountain rivers, the road like a dusty yellow tape running ahead into the great unknown, the special scarcity, clarity and simplicity of life that can only be in mountains like Pamir... 

The trek starts in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. After getting acquainted with its unpretentious architecture and green parks, admiring fantastic views of snow tops of Kyrgyz Ridge, we will find ourselves in the ancient southern Kyrgyz city of Osh. Here we will have an opportunity to discover the beautiful mountains, fantastic weathered red rocks of Jyptyk River Valley and a unique option, the Kojo-Kelen cave. The path at the riverhead of Jyptyk will lead us up a pass at 3680 meters from where a fantastic views of Alay Valley opens up. And far behind it, half-covered by the clouds, rises awe-inspiring Zaalay Range and of course Lenin Peak. After Jyptyk Pass we will come back to the Base Camp at Lenin Peak.