Belukha, the highest peak of Siberia, is a dominant mountain massif in Central Altai. Belukha has two peaks: Western at 4440 meters and Eastern at 4506 meters, they are divided by a saddle at 4050 meters. 

The nature of Belukha is amazing in its diversity, majestic beauty and unbridled power. A great variety of alpine landscapes characterized by high mountains, deep gorges, rocks, talus and moraines has formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates. Inaccessible mountain walls are cut by deep river valleys. Rivers flow in narrow canyons that squeeze their rebellious power. The character of rivers is full of caprices too, sometimes they run in furious streams to escape the stony hug and yet in other, they flow quietly, sparkling peacefully in the sunshine and reflecting the deep turquoise sky. Waterfalls of Altai come down from steep walls and terraces plunging their diamond drops with passion and grace. Picturesque lakes of ice-cold, crystal water differing in size, form and origin, are tucked into the wildest corners of the ridges. 

Harmony reigns as mountain steppes neighbor forests: from light larch to dark coniferous forest of fir and cedar. Higher up, forests are replaced by a luxuriant carpet of subalpine grass. Then subalpine zones give in to the soft cover of alpine meadows with the unparalleled richness of colors of yellow alpine poppies, red-rose carnations, purple Aquilegia and boundless meadows of edelweiss. Yet higher up we see mountain tundra with birch, elfin wood and moss. All this natural wonder is crowned by dazzling glaciers sparkling with all colors of the rainbow. Hard to imagine but all this is one place, Belukha, heart of Altai. It is here that we invite you to trek. 

But beware, all these words are unable to describe even a minuscule part of the feeling of life to its fullest, the extraordinary concentration and tension of beauty that you will only experience when you are here. Your pupils will be dilated, your pulse will be fast, breath intense and deep, body light and graceful. It’s like receiving a shot of a stimulant but you know there is nothing in your blood to cause this, only the incredible beauty around you. Don’t believe us? Well, you just need to come to Altai and feel it for yourself …